Dr. Christen Behzadi, M. D.

Author, Doctor, Persian Wedding Traditions & Culture Expert


I’m SO happy you have found me here! I have so many exciting things to share with you about Persian Weddings. 

My name is Christen Flack Behzadi, MD; you may know me from my book The Persian Wedding Book. If not, please allow me to briefly introduce myself.

|| My Story || 

I was an American Bride married in a very Persian Wedding in 2009. We had the most phenomenal experience living and experiencing these traditions over many weeks and months. I can only say that the Iranian people really know how to celebrate, live & honor a bride and groom in the most extravagant & traditionally rich way I’ve ever seen.

As an American I was truly taken aback by the entire process. It was fun, like more fun than I’ve ever had. It was meaningful and deeply symbolic at every turn. The complete inclusion of family and their sacred roles in each event made me and my American family not feel like guests but part of a new larger family.

I loved it. I felt compelled to write a detailed guide on how to plan and understand this from a beginners perspective. I had books brought from Iran on the topic, translated into English & I began an extensive 4 year research process. My book & guides are written assuming you know nothing-it is explained simply and concisely. My guides are based on experience but are also completely historically accurate and well researched. All my guides can be downloaded digitally WORLDWIDE! –> @ PersianWeddingPlanner.com

|| Have a Persian Wedding ||

If you have the opportunity to celebrate a Persian Wedding small or large I enthusiastically encourage you to just do it! You will not regret the choice. I planned my wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma with zero local resources and my mother-in-law and myself we figured it out. You have all my step by step guides to help you (Download Digitally @ PersianWeddingPlanner.com). & my blog posts (weddingpersian.com) to sift through. If you need supplies or a last minute Sofreh Aghd I have an affordable Sofreh Aghd Supplies kit available on PersianWeddingPlanner.com-packed with all the essential supplies and step by step digital guides to help you create a beautiful wedding table & understand what it means, what the vows are and EVERYTHING you need to know to have your Persian Wedding!  This simple kit can be used as the essential base to make the most lavish Sofreh Aghd or as a quick solution for a last minute or travel Sofreh Aghd &  everything in between! I am here to help you in any way I can.

When I’m not researching Persian Weddings or visiting beautiful Iran with my husband & his family I am an anesthesiologist. My beloved husband-Bubby, Pedram Behzadi is an E.R. Physician. We live in sunny Houston, Texas with our daughter Zara.