Americans Visiting Iran: What to Expect

Many of you visiting my site have read or know about my book; The Persian Wedding Book: How to Have a Persian Wedding When You Have No Idea What Persian Means. I wrote that book in the 4 years following “My Big Fat Persian Wedding.” I can only describe it that way because as an American girl whirl-winded into the Iranian World of courtship, weddings & family blending it reminded me so many times of that very movie. The intricacies, cultural tendencies and honestly the constant partying was the most incredible experience. I had to write about it; not only because I was fascinated but because anyone Persian or not who wants to partake in these festivities really should. They are too fun, meaningful and wonderful to miss.

In this blog post I would like to discuss another beautiful experience I have had- An American girl traveling to Iran.  I traveled to Iran in 2010 shortly after my wedding & again for Nowruz (Persian New Year) in 2014 . I cannot write enough about how all my expectations of Iran & Iranian people have simply been put to bed permanently & a newer more accurate understanding has emerged. Meeting the people of Iran & partaking in the ancient wedding/courtship traditions made me fall in love with the people and culture. Visiting Iran changed my heart forever. The pace is notably slower and more manageable; yet, in Tehran is as bustling as Paris or NY and the shopping is incredible. This is what surprised me & intrigued me most about being an American in Iran.

1. Expect a large Welcoming from Family:



2. Expect Majestic Beauty:

Iran Mountains







We arrived to Iran in the middle of the night &


3. . Expect exceptional Shopping in Tehran:

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