Coins of Gold on a Sofreh Aghd

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Coins of Gold On A Sofreh Aghd Mirror

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An abundance of gold coins symbolizes wealth and prosperity for the wedding couple – in fact, an abundance of gold coins is wealth and prosperity, for the couple and anyone else! While cash amounts will be put into the hands of the couple, as well as collected throughout the wedding reception, these gold coins are special – and paradoxical. They are a symbolic wish for the couple to have more than enough money all the time. But they themselves will never be spent.

Once the ceremony is over, the gold coins on the Sofreh will be placed in a small pouch and sewn shut – forever. They will remain in the couple’s home unspent – but radiating prosperity and energetic, ever-growing abundance, blessing the couple. 

It is said that while gold coins represent wealth, to refrain from ever using them both symbolizes and demonstrates the freedom of the couple from the demons of greed and materialism, a freedom from those spiritual weaknesses and forms of want that no prosperity can ever fulfill.


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