Consulting with Christen

Dr. Christen Behzadi — author of The Persian Wedding Book, the five-star rated celebration of the Persian wedding, and a writer on Persian culture — has consulted with or been called upon organization ranging from MTV to Reality TV producers interested in Iranian Weddings and their Persian cultural traditions.

Dr. Behzadi is available for speaking appearances, and for corporate and private consulting and production assistance on documentaries, movies, television, and other media and entertainment  projects that may require expertise on the subject of Iranian Weddings and Persian cultural traditions.

The Persian Wedding Website, like the Persian Wedding Book, has a wide variety of material that can be helpful to actual wedding planning.  But Dr. Behzadi is not a party planner as such, and her consultancy focuses instead on the cultural aspects and history of traditional Persian culture and cultural events.

Corporate or cultural organizations interested in assistance with documentaries, film, television, and guidance and expertise on the subject of Iranian Weddings and Persian cultural traditions should contact Dr. Behzadi below. 

As a noted author, and as an observant member of the Persian community, yet with American roots, Dr. Behzadi is uniquely qualified to speak about and interpret Persian culture and Persian weddings, about her experience with them, and about the joys and challenges of the Iranian-American experience. Dr. Christen Behzadi is an eloquent and charismatic resource for those groups and individuals who want to know more about the marvelous Persian people and their culture.  Those wishing to contact her for her views and perspectives, or to hear her speak, may reach her at [contact email] or contact her directly below.



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