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A Traditional Persian Sweet


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While all sweets are welcome at the wedding table of a Persian wedding, some sweets are particularly welcome. Among these special sweets, the Noghl reigns supreme. No reception, or Sofreh, is complete without it. Noghls are to Iranians what hot dogs are to Americans. They simply cannot be overlooked. And including them is a given, especially once you taste a few.

What is a Noghl? Noghls are sugar-coated almonds especially prized by Iranians and Afghans.  (You may have heard that the Afghan people call them “nuql” and toss them at Afghan brides and grooms like confetti. Don’t confuse the two national traditions, however, and throw nuts at the Persian wedding couple.) Noghls are traditionally passed to the guests at the conclusion of the ceremony, and generally served with tea.  These delicacies are made by roasting almonds, and then coating them in a solution made by boiling water, sugar, and rosewater together.  Noghls aren’t restricted to almonds: walnuts and pecans and other nuts are fine too. This particular snack is said to have been commonly used in ancient Persian wedding ceremonies, so its continued use in modern-day Persian weddings comes as no surprise.


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