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The Candelabra (Shamdoon)


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Like the mirror, candelabra carry the symbolic weight of light, but also the symbolic weight of fire. In the Zoroastrian world-view, fire is not a destructive agent but a purifying one, bringing illumination and removing all that which merely passes and all that is transient, leaving only that which endures and is eternal – such as the love of the bride and the groom.

There are always, and only, two candelabra, and they need not be exact duplicates, though they often are. Candelabra may shine with electric light, not candle light – ours, pictured here did.  (Electric or candle, however, the candelabra, the mirror, and the next item, the Holy Book or Books, are always the first three items purchased, traditionally and for good luck.)

Not only are candelabra as such symbolic:  their very design may add a further layer of meaningful symbolism.

A very traditional take on candelabra is to shape them in the form of a tulip flower (laleh), such as the example pictured.


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