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The symbolism of flowers is infinite. On a Persian Wedding Table flowers are there for their beauty, but not only for their beauty. The flowers chosen add additional meaning and symbolism to the Sofreh Aghd, depending on the background of the couple. To Westerners (and not only to Westerners) red roses traditionally indicate passionate love, and white roses are associated with  innocence, virtue and purity. A lotus may be uniquely appropriate if either bride or groom is of Asian or Indian extraction – the Lotus is the national flower of India, and the Hindu deity Vishnu is often called the “Lotus-Eyed One,” since the unfolding petals of the Lotus suggest the expansion of the soul. In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents purity of the body, mind and speech:  according to legend, the infant Buddha was born with the ability to walk, and Lotus flowers would bloom everywhere the infant stepped.

While you are not absolutely bound to follow tradition, traditionally the floral arrangements are positioned in parallel on each side of the central mirror; and both sides should either match or harmonize beautifully together — like the wedding couple themselves.


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