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Rosewater is widely used throughout the Middle East to add a distinctive fragrance to foods, as a perfume, and to scent a space. So here; its role is to sweeten the air and bring a lovely fragrance to the entire Sofreh Aghd.

But its distinct scent is paralleled by a distinct taste used heavily in Iranian cuisine and especially in sweets such as nougat (gaz), raahat and baklava. Rose water is also used to give gulab jamums, and some varieties of loukum (sometimes known as ‘Turkish Delight’) their unique flavors.

Of course, all things Persian are saturated in history and tradition; and rosewater is no exception. Food aside, rosewater also has a long history of use as a perfume utilized in Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, Zoroastrian and Muslim religious ceremonies – indeed, a mixture of Zamzam Water and rosewater is used to clean the Kaaba itself.

And the very creation of rosewater – made from rose oil, also called attar of roses, a mixture of essential oils obtained by steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses – was first developed in (where else?) Persia.   


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