The Seven Colors of Espand

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Seven Colors of Espand

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Espand (wild rue) performs a very important part of the wedding ceremony – the warding off of “bad vibes” or bad energy generally. Espand seeds are thrown over burning coals, and the smoke which arises from the coals neutralizes any negativity around the couple which anyone wishing them unwell may have projected into their space. As the espand seeds hit the coals, you can hear them pop; the more popping, the more “bad energy” is neutralized!

In more traditional services, a brazier called a Manghal contains the burning coals sprinkled with the wild rue, a popular Iranian incense. But it is acceptable nowadays to burn espand as you would burn other incense, in a special bowl or holder. Used in many Zoroastrian ceremonies, rituals and purification rites, espand was (and is) believed not only to cast away mental and spiritual negativity, but also to foster vitality and health.

Espand is burned for the couple before the wedding ceremony. Of course, the purpose of having additional espand on the Sofreh is to bring even more protective energy to the couple, to the event and to the guests as a whole.

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