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Sofreh Aghd Flatbread

Naan-e Sangak


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Of course there must be a place on the Sofreh Aghd to wish the couple warm congratulations on their marriage. The word for “Congratulations” in Farsi is “Mobarak Baad,” and it is common to write Mobarak Baad in calligraphy on a specially baked and decorated flatbread dedicated for that purpose. The writing is usually written using either saffron (“Zaffaron”), cinnamon or Nigella seeds.

The Naan-e Sangak is not generally eaten at the wedding; a separate platter of this flat bread, feta cheese and fresh herbs – the aforementioned Naan-o-Paneer-o-Sabzi – is there to be shared with the guests after the ceremony.

Also, there is no reason to restrict congratulations to that item alone. Mobarak Baad can be written on a variety of items, food or otherwise, as a creative touch to your own wedding table.

The bread symbolizes prosperity and good health – the bread of life.


Please Enjoy This Free Excerpt From The Sofreh Aghd Planning Guides at PersianWeddingPlanner.com

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