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The Sofreh Aghd Fruit




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There is always fruit on the Sofreh, and it is usually seasonal. Unique color and shape configurations are prized and unusual or rare fruits are welcome when it comes to Sofreh Aghd fruit. However, some fruits are all but required, in particular, apples, grapes and especially pomegranates. All fruits represent good health, but the three above are sometimes termed “the heavenly fruits,” prized and chosen for their spiritual significance.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is said to have remarked that one seed from every pomegranate comes from Paradise, and so we must be especially careful not to drop a single one. Apples are said to symbolize the divine creation of mankind, and of course, go back to the Garden of Eden narrative shared by Christian, Muslim, and Jewish alike. And grapes contain the promise of wine, and wine is an echo of the Eucharist and God’s love in the Christian tradition and a universal symbol of life’s blood.

Fruits, apparently simple to prepare, may seem a less complex element of the Sofreh. Not so:  the fruit is often ingeniously cut, arranged or designed and laid out with beauty and brilliance.



When you are ready to prepare your own Sofreh Aghd be sure to get all the essential supplies in one package by clicking the link below.

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