Honey and Yoghurt

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Honey and Yogurt

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Symbolically, sweet items in the Sofreh both describe the sweetness of the situation and the many wishes for a sweet life shared by the bride and groom. So it is simply mandatory to include among Sofreh Aghd items a cup of honey on the wedding spread. Immediately after the couple is formally married, the bride and groom each dip one finger – the fifth, pinky finger – in the cup of honey and feed the honey to one another.

The symbolism of honey has roots in Persian culture that pre-date even the culture itself:  The fertility god of Egypt, Min, was offered honey; in Islam, an entire Surah in the Q’uran is called al-Nahl (“The Honey Bee”). Indeed, according to hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) strongly recommended honey for healing purposes.

What does Yoghurt symbolize? Good health. But it is not among Sofreh Aghd items just for symbolism, but because Iranians simply love it and serve it at almost every meal, whether plain over other foods, as yoghurt cheese, as dugh (a mix of yoghurt, salt, and mint mixed with water) or as part of the national meal, Chelo kebab (a mixture of yoghurt, rice, well-marinated meat, raw egg and the spice sumac).


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