Two Sugar Loafs

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Two Sugar Loafs

Kalleh Ghand

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Kalleh Ghand are sugar loafs, a favorite among Sofreh Aghd items. We met them earlier, during ritual bathing ceremonies, where sugar loafs were rubbed over the head of the bride to presumably make her even sweeter, if possible, than she would normally be.

That ritual appears to have been retired, but it has a successor. Nowadays, during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom sit in front of the Sofreh Aghd and a veil is held over their heads. One by one the happily married female members of the bride’s family and the groom’s come up and rub the sugar loafs together over the bride and groom’s heads, sprinkling a snowfall of sweetness onto the veil and, by implication, over the couple.

It’s said that this allows women in the families who are already happily married or are happy in life, to come and share their good energy with the bride and groom, so they too can join them in happiness. Unhappily married or divorced women may refrain from rubbing the sugar loafs for this reason; but it certainly should not preclude women who were unhappily married and are now happily single, and full of good wishes for the couple.

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