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Rock Candy



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Rock candy is another symbol of life’s sweetness and love’s sweetness, and the rock-like crystalline look of this particular sweet sometimes is taken to express hopes for a particularly enduring sweetness.

Sofreh Aghd rock candy is an inviting item for creative Sofreh designers, for the candy itself lends itself to carving, leading to some quite innovative set pieces for the Sofreh Aghd. In some cases, the rock candy is not put in a bowl, because it is the bowl:  this is called Shakh-e-Nabaat. Sometimes the term is used of other carven or designed rock candy items or even when small polished bits of rock candies are sprinkled like jewels over other items of the Sofreh.

Ladies, beware! Some people may come and quietly sneak a nabaat away from your Sofreh Aghd for their tea. It’s said that if you drink your tea with nabaat from a Sofreh Aghd, your luck will increase greatly. Since luck is welcomed by everyone, a wise Sofreh designer keeps a wealth of nabaat on hand, for it’s certain that guests needing an extra boost of luck or good wishes will slip away a piece to include with their tea at the reception.


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