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Sofreh Aghd Sweets



Sweets are everywhere during Persian dinners, Persian gatherings, and in particular during Persian weddings and wedding receptions. They are so much a part of Persian culture that not to have sweets on the Sofreh Aghd is simply unthinkable.

What do Sofreh Aghd sweets symbolize? The goodness of, well, everything – the sweetness of love, of life, of friendship, of family, of celebration, or marriage, of the past and the future and the present and of everything good that has been or is to come. “Life,” as the saying goes, “is sweet.” And sweets are on hand everywhere to remind everyone of this at every moment. And also because they taste sweet!

The sweets on the Sofreh are typically shared among wedding guests at the conclusion of the ceremony. The guests accept them because anyone with taste buds would be silly not to, but also because, traditionally, having one or more of these particular sweets phenomenally swells one’s good luck.

Sweets are infinite in their variety, from candy to chocolate to nougat to mint. Baklava is shown here, although any sweet – beautifully arranged, of course – is acceptable for the wedding table.


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