Dr. Christen Behzadi, M.D.

Dr. Christen Behzadi is the author of The Persian Wedding Book, the five-star rated celebration of the Persian wedding, and a long-time and ardent student of Persian culture. Wife to Dr. Pedram Behzadi, M.D., an Iranian native, she has visited Iran on several occasions and has many friendly and deeply felt connections with the Persian community and her Persian family. As a speaker, Dr. Behzadi is uniquely qualified to speak about Persian culture, Persian weddings and her experience with them, and the joys and challenges of the Iranian-American experience, and about what it means to come to it from an American background. Few Americans realize the beauty, power and depth of Persian culture, a culture so ancient and far-reaching and influential that virtually no one living today has not been in some way shaped by it; and all too many non-Iranians are exposed to presentations of Iran that say far too little about this vital and enduring cultural resource, the deep humanity of its members,  and the beauty of its ceremonies, history and art. Dr. Christen Behzadi is an eloquent and charismatic resource for those groups and individuals who want to know more about the marvelous Persian people and their culture.  Members of the press wishing to contact her for her views and perspectives may reach her at [contact email] or though this site.  Private or other groups wishing to hear her speak can contact her through this site as well.


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