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The Holy Book used in the Sofreh Aghd is typically the very first item purchased by the couple for the wedding table. It is there to signify and symbolize the couple asking God directly for His blessings upon them and their marriage. It also symbolizes the importance of prayer in the marriage. Like the mirror, it is one of the more serious elements of the Sofreh Aghd, and its meaning is intended to stay close to the couple forever in their marriage and life together.

During the wedding ceremony itself, the couple sits side-by-side and holds the Holy Book(s) in their laps as they agree to be married. Once the wedding has concluded, the Holy Book(s) go into the home of the couple. This is done so that the energy of the love and the blessings from God may always remain in their presence. These are wonderful and meaningful traditions, rich in symbolism and poetry; it is the presence of a Holy Book specifically that makes them possible.

If religious texts, for whatever reason, are not to be used, Bijan Moridani thoughtfully suggests the Hafez Book of Poetry – “essentially the highest literary symbol of love in Persian culture,” as he puts it. And if Holy Books from more than one tradition are to be used, that is not an issue at all:  as a rule, multiple or variant heritages and Holy Books are entirely acceptable nowadays, and two can surely find a place in the overall theme of your Sofreh Aghd. Hebrew Scriptures may sit beside the Q’uran and both will be entirely welcomed and celebrated; a Christian New Testament and Buddhist scriptures can rest alongside one another with all the harmony of the couple that selected them. Indeed, they will serve as symbols of that harmony and of a longing for a universal harmony.

Just as God’s universe is large enough to encompass many faiths and a universe of diverse perspectives, so the Sofreh Aghd, which in so many ways symbolizes the universe within and without, is large enough to encompass two Holy Books.


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