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Dear Readers,

Welcome, welcome to the new weddingpersian.com. I couldn’t be happier to be finally launching this wonderful place of learning and cultural preservation.

christen-blog1-400The customs of the Persian (Iranian) Wedding are thousands of years old and have been carefully preserved for centuries. It was my honor and pleasure as an American bride to participate in these events as part of my own wedding celebration.

Before I met my husband and his family, I had many unexamined, almost subconscious beliefs about Iran.  I thought Iran was an oppressive place, with heavily-veiled women without freedom or rights.  I passed from that dark ignorance to the sunlight of learning about a glorious culture with traditions thousands of years old yet still being practiced; a culture marked by an intense love and longing for friends and family to be near; a gallant people of impeccable hosting abilities, mouth-watering cuisine, and a land nothing short of majestic. After meeting actual Iranian women, I could never again think of them as even slightly aquiescent or submissive.

What I learned about Iran came from not only visiting the country.  It came from planning and experiencing a wedding — my wedding.  Planning and understanding that series of events added so much more meaning to my overall celebration.  There is a hidden gem which enchants all brides and grooms who celebrate a wedding Persian style: that gem is deepened meaning, togetherness and love. The focus is not on simply celebrating wealth, though a Persian wedding can be dazzlingly gorgeous, but on truly celebrating family, culture and, most importantly, the wedded couple.

Yes, the events can in some cases easily become very expensive. But even this is based in tradition: the tradition that a wedding was, since its very beginnings in Iran, an open-door event.   As my father-in-law explained to me in a small town outside of Shiraz, where he grew up, everyone was invited to a wedding, warmly, happily and without question. All were encouraged to come celebrate the couple.  Even outside of Iran today you will see many Iranian people inviting most if not almost all of their local community. I loved my wedding ceremony; and through it, I came to see and love the community that celebrated it as well. That is why I would like to focus here on the traditions, events, the flavor and voice of this Persian Wedding celebration from start to finish.

I was in LA a few weeks ago at a Persian Wedding Show, and I met several Vietnamese brides looking into the making of a Sofreh Aghd for their wedding. My level of delight was astronomical.  It  proved to me yet again what I’ve felt all along about Persian Weddings: they are meaningful and beautiful to all people with the wisdom and openness to see that beauty.  I think once you hear the tone and voice of this glorious celebration calling, whether one is Persian or not, everyone will want to celebrate this style of wedding, and the culture that sustains it.

My thanks to you for stopping by.  Please feel free to ask me questions, or make suggestions, and please enjoy looking around!

Tabrik Migam (My Congratulations to You),

– Christen Flack Behzadi, MD


  1. Hi! My son is marrying an Iranian young lady & I have wanted to learn more about Persians, Persian culture, Persian customs, and Persian weddings. I purchased your Persian Weddings book & love it!! What a wonderful resource & it’s so well-written, warm personal. Thank you for writing it!! You sound like a lovely human being and I wish you all the happiness in the world!!

    All my best,


    • Rita,

      Thanks for writing in! If this is your introduction to Iranian culture you will not be disappointed. The people are incredibly warm, the culture is fascinating and if your son ever has the opportunity to visit Iran I would say to go and see this wonderful majestic land. I’m so glad my book has helped you learn about Persian culture & of course the wedding as well. I sincerely wish you & your family the best. Congratulations!



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